Amanda Reis' Bona Fide Confession

amanda confession.jpeg

I have never really wanted to confess to someone what I hate talking about, but some way or another it needs to be said, so I can be ok with who I am and what I go through everyday. And to be completely honest with y'all, there wasn't a post yesterday, because I had no idea how to write a post so personal to me. So yesterday I probably sat in front of the computer writing things then deleting it. Anyways, I'm writing this post because Be Bona Fide actually inspired me to. They are such an amazing company and have helped me so much. They made me  realize that it is TOTALLY fine being yourself, being the real you, standing for what you believe! And I love that! So Thank You Be Bona Fide!

Anyways, as I was looking at Be Bona Fide's website I saw their Confessions campaign, and for some reason I thought I should do it. So CONFESSION, I have ADD. I have always hated saying that and sometimes I'm in denial about it. I am ashamed that I have it. And to be honest I am always embarrassed when I hear the jokes about ADD at school and on TV. But this disorder is apart of who I am . It is what makes me, ME. It took me a while to actually have confidence to realize that having this disorder is a good thing. At the beginning of each school year I have to go in meetings with my counselor at school to sign a paper saying it's ok to have them let my new teachers know that I am not ok, and need extra help. Sorry for the attitude. But I hated that. I didn't want them to think I was stupid. I didn't want anyone to think I was stupid. But with this challenge. I have realized I do need a little help and time. And that's perfectly ok. I got upset at the end of the school year, this year,  because, my sister is coming into high school with me, and she was getting her classes set up, and she got into the honors program, and I am always in prep classes. I felt so stupid. Like I am going to be a senior and I have never once taken any honors or AP classes because I not smart enough to. You can bet that there were a little bit more tears then there needed to be. But at the time I just hated who I was. I didn't want to ADD written across my forehead. I wanted to be ok. And be able to be as smart as my little sister and be able to take honors classes. But after a while I realized that I have my abilities and she has her own, I am able to my own things. It's ok to be myself, and myself learns in a different ways , I need help in a different way, I look at things differently. And that is completely OK, because that is who I am. It's ok to BE YOURSELF! Having ADD is part of who I am. Sometimes it might be hard and it might bring me confusion onto why me, but it has made me stronger, and realize that I can fight through this. I can make people proud in a different way. But that is who I am. And I am perfectly ok with that. Be Bona Fide my loves. Be You!