Katey McFarlan



We want to give a HUGE thank you to Katey McFarlan for giving us normal humans a little peek of a Bona•Fide perspective on being a blogger.  Katey's  post can help remind us that all jobs (yes, even a blogger)  have cons in them.

We can all agree that we have been caught daydreaming about being in someone else's shoes. The grass-is-greener mentality is very common in all things but especially when it comes to the workforce. 


It can be hard to see any cons behind a perfectly advertised and edited photo. This print "Unedited" can be a constant reminder not get to get consumed in comparing your unedited job to an edited photo.

We love how bona fide the answers below are, Katey did no hold back on certain topics weighing on her heart. 

What are negatives about being a blogger? 

You have to please thousands of people all the time. One thing might please one reader and annoy 1500 others. Readers forget you are a human and when they don't like something they let you and the world know about it. We are dealing with people sitting behind a computer screen spewing off nasty remarks. In trying to deal with people you can sometimes lose a sense of yourself. That's when you start comparing yourself to everyone. I compare myself to bloggers and readers. There have been times I've thought things as ridiculous as, "Oh if I had photos like she does I don't think people would have anything to be mean about." But the only thing that combats the negatives of pleasing others is being unapologetically confident in who you are as a person. 

Do you have your feelings hurt through social media?

 All. The. Time. Blogger's social media feeds can seem inhuman by being filled with products we use. People will comment on our pages just like they would a media publication, saying their honest [and sometimes harsh] opinions. We read all the comments and their complaints can seem like they regard us as a human being. I just have to remember that a reader just isn't happy with the product, not me, because they don't know me. 

Do you believe social media has affected our society and in what way? 

Absolutely! I think that there are a lot of positives! We get to meet people and form relationships we never would have been able to. I'm consistently inspired to produce quality work because I am able to see the work other women produce. It is so powerful to know how talented women really are. But, it has also combined instant gratification with Millennials. Millennials want to be the best version of themselves, the easiest way possible. Therefore when a blogger posts a photo most of us compare ourselves to her. I've questioned everything from my body type to my eyes. 

What is your biggest weakness?

If there were a club for people pleasers, I would be president. I have written a lot of blog posts about saying no, and while I have learned tricks to get a little better, this is just an inherent trait of my personality. I want to please companies, readers and brands and in the process I forget that this is my job and I should also please myself. I know being a people pleaser is the catalyst to my sensitivity. 

What is your guilty pleasure? 

19 Kids & Counting. Combine that with some Pinot Noir and I can watch it for 14 hours. I send my boyfriend texts all the time like, "Did you know Jessa tweeted this and people got mad so her father-in-law said this, etc." My obsession is bad. Real bad. 


"I chose the print "Unedited" because although photos can be edited for brands and this industry, I as a human am not. All humans are unedited so the next time you compare yourself to another blogger, remember that their photo is fixed, not them." -Katey 

Bloggers provide us with an element of escape and I think we can easily forget how time consuming and  hard their job can be. So thank you  to all you bloggers (Katey in particular)  out there that keep their job looking easy! 

Next we are feeling like we need to comment something hurtful remember that there is a person behind that photo who has feelings just like you and me. 

Read more about Katey and at http://www.chroniclesoffrivolity.com/ and check out her gram at @kateymcfarlan