Whitney Fredette


Meet Whitney Ferdette!  We are so excited to feature this Pretty lady! With her husband (Jiimmer Ferdette) in the NBA she truly is in a unique position.  She is a very confident, inspiring person that I (Nicole)  personally look up to. We need more people in the world like her. When we first contacted her about being featured she had no hesitation to help spread the word. So give it up to Whitney for letting us see this Bona Fide side of her life. 

Below is the slogan she chose "Shake it Off'. This is Print will be available under the shop tab today. 


Why I chose "Shake it Off":

"Shake it Off" is more than just one of my favorite songs from this year.  I feel like it has so much meaning behind it.  We are constantly surrounded by people who say or think negative things about us, whether we deserve it or not.  It can be so draining and depressing.  That's why I chose shake it off.  Anytime someone says something negative about you- shake it off.  Don't let it get in your head for more than 2 seconds, just blow it off and keep on keeping on!


What is it like to have your husband play in the NBA?

Its truly a unique experience being married to an NBA player.  Its obviously an extremely cool job, that I know a lot do people probably dreamed of having while growing up, but it is so much more than just playing basketball, and being married to a player I really get to see the business side of the NBA and what goes on behind the scene.  To me both the best and the worst part about it are the same- the schedule.  Its amazing because they have an entire off season where we get to spend all day everyday together.  However, during the season they are gone a lot... a lot a lot.  So its hard to adjust going from the season to the off season, but I really hate complaining, because we really are extremely fortunate.

When do you feel the most insecure?

There are tons of times when I feel insecure, but this might sound odd- the times I feel most insecure are when I post pictures of myself in a lot of make up.  I spend most of my life without any make up on and I feel more comfotable without it.  Sometimes I think if someone sees a picture of me with a lot of make up on they might think I'm trying to hide something.  I don't know why I feel that way, but I just always have!

What is one of your biggest weaknesses?

I have zero patience.  I absolutely refuse to spend more time on something that I need to- I wish I would slow down and really perfect things, but I never do.  I will do something once and no matter how good/bad it is, its good enough for me, and I will not go back over it and try to make it better.  I really wish I could make myself put more time into things, but I like move from thing to thing as quickly as possible.

What is a life lesson that you live by?

I guess its not really a lesson, but a quote I live by is "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".  I love this because these days its so easy to get down on yourself or to compare yourself, but at the end of the day- people can only make you feel badly if you let them make you feel that way.  I honestly try to keep that in the back of my mind everyday.

What is your guilty pleasure?

ICE CREAM.  No joke... I eat ice cream every day.  I love it so much and it makes me so happy!  I just cannot go without it!

What is your most embarrassing moment?

HAHA this is good.  I honestly NEVER get embarrassed, but one time in high school I truly truly hated my life because I got so embarrassed.  I was out with some friends one night, including a guy I really liked.  We were talking about abs for some reason, I don't even remember why, but I was trying to be cool so I told the boy I like that I had really good abs and so I was like here feel my abs and right as I flexed I farted SO LOUD.  He was disgusted and I was mortified!  He told everyone and still to this day all my high school friends always say "hey Whitney feel my abs"!

Thank you again for getting REAL with us Whitney! We wish you the best of luck with your amazing fashion blog! Check her out at www.whitneyjean.net  (@whitneyferdette).