One Year!

How has it been one year already!!??? 

Where has the time gone??!

A year has passed by and we are so grateful for all that has changed. Be Bona·Fide has changed the way we think, from no longer snapping a million pictures to try and get that "perfect" shot... to realizing we are in charge of our own happiness.

Our hearts have changed- We learned that what makes us happy does not come from others approval. We have no longer let the number of likes and comments we get on a picture affect our day. It may be a temporal happiness, but we've embraced the real and messy parts of life and it has made us realize that those are some of the best parts of life that truly make us happy.

This year has covered every emotion in the book, it has been anything but easy. We have failed we have succeeded. We have pulled all nighters and we have been flat out lazzzy at times. The one thing that has kept us going and still keeps us going is this message, and the influence it has had in our lives and the way it has helped and changed other peoples' lives as well.  

A year ago from today, we were overzealous with the expectations of Be Bona·Fide. Thinking that it would take a couple months for this message to touch thousands. We quickly learned that in order for anything to be successful it is in the baby steps and it takes time, passion and much dedication.  We learned that is in the work you put in, the all-nighters and all the things that happen behind the scenes. 

In just one year we have already come so far and we are celebrating the small victories. We have big things in the works for year number two and we hope you continue this journey with us!

We can't thank you enough for all of your kind words, vulnerability, for being brave and for all your support! 

Much Love, 

Nicole & Laura