Recording Is the Art of Forgetting - Enjoy Yourself

A cute friend we met over social media (@stef_sjo) brought this article to our attention. It is exactly what I needed to read today!

"Recording Is the Art of Forgetting - Enjoy Yourself" from the HuffPost Arts and Culture by Jon Foreman.

 This article is a great reminder to soak in the moment and be in the present. I wanted to highlight a couple parts that hit home to me. 

 "Maybe you and I are the painting, the poem, the tape machine. Waves of light and sound wash over us, and our canvas responds with actions of our own: Experiencing this joy and giving it away. So take pictures of the waves of color sweeping over you. Write it down. Record the moment as best you can. But know that these waves can never be fully tamed by the pen, or the lens or the tape machine. No, the waves that break on your shores cannot be captured by human hands, but they beckon us to come out to the deep waters and ride them."

I loved  how Jon Foreman worded how our society is so revolved around comparing our lives to others.  

"If comparison is the thief of joy, then our culture is being robbed blind. You'd be hard pressed to find a society that has a wider net for comparison than our own. Everyday, digital visions are delivered to us, where the grass really is greener -- photoshopped and color enhanced! These rob me of my own life when I am no longer fully present to the joy and pain of the moment."

This print will be available to shop tomorrow!

This print will be available to shop tomorrow!

I'm going to make a promise to myself to be more present this upcoming week and not be so consumed in what others around me are doing. To focus on myself, my family, my personal happiness and growth.