Pretty, Bona Fide or Both?

We were so inspired and uplifted by this beautiful blog post written by Greta Lausch from Sweeter Than Yesterday blog. Please read this, you will feel refreshed and ready to continue being the "pretty" people that we are! 

"About a week and a half ago I posted an instagram of myself in my pj's with total bedhead brushing my teeth feeling challenged to reflect on my life from a social media standpoint to live a life of being bona fide. To be more genuine, real, and authentic in the ways I portray my life to my "followers". I have felt convicted of this for awhile... that the one's who follow me, but maybe don't know me personally have an inaccurate depiction of my life. Although I would never expect us to post a photo with the caption "I'm having the worst day." or "life really sucks right now and i'm fighting with everyone i know." I do think that there are creative ways to let social media be a community, rather than a show. 

My caption on the photo of myself talked more about "prettiness", what it is, why it is what it is, the ways we contribute to why it is what it is, and how our view of it should change. For those of you who didn't see my post, this is the photo and what i said along with it: 

“I found the @bebonafide account through some bloggers I follow & have fallen in love with what it stands for & wondered how I could live a life reflecting that concept more. I don’t want people to look at my social media and only see the highlights of my life; I want it to be real. 
One thing I struggle with & I think girls in our world as a whole struggle with is “prettiness” ... am “I pretty/skinny/curvy/fit/sexy enough?” Why are we so focused on being “pretty”? What does that add to our life in the long run? False self-confidence maybe? True self-worth & confidence will come when we reflect the women God has called us to be. Women like Esther & Mary.

So this is a photo of myself that I sent to Alex this morning just joking around & now trying to be a little bonafide. pink toothbrush in hand, bed headed-greasy hair, etc.

ALSO, here are two quotes I found tonight that got my wheels turning a little bit!

”We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.“ {Britt Nicole}

"We’ll walk 3 miles through a mall and search through 60 stores to find the PERFECT dress that shows off our body the way we want it to, but ‘we haven’t a clue where to find real fulfillment or how to wear joy.’” {Katie Makkkai}”

So here is a little bit of background... the @bebonafide instagram account is a challenge to women and a community for women who are striving to live a life of genuine authenticity on social media and in their every day life. I have followed the account for awhile, but I hadn't really known how to live it out personally. When I read the article talking about prettiness, it clicked! I realized that God was asking me to be real with my struggles about body image, beauty/prettiness, and to speak genuine truth about where I am at. 

Every girl, mom, grandma, aunt, cousin, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, the girl in the youth group who sits alone, the popular girl dating the hottest guy in school, the lost, the found, the surrendered, the confused, and myself, all need to hear this, we all need to think and talk about this. we all need to hear the truth that God has for us that we are beautifulyou, you are beautiful. not just because i'm telling you. Not just because your husband tells you when you get dressed up for a date night, or your mom tells you when you're out shopping and you can't find a single thing that you like. You are beautiful because God made you beautiful. He made you pretty. He made you perfect, lovely, unique, pure. You are His. and He is yours, and that truth alone makes you beautiful. You are pretty when you're living out the passions and abilities that God gave you, that he instilled in you. You are pretty when you are laughing, because God created laughter, and when you are laughing, God is laughing too. You are pretty when you are with the people who build you up, are kind to your heart, and accept the pretty you that you are exactly as you are coming. You are pretty when you are curious and learning new things about the beautiful world around us, when you are lifting others up, and when you are serving your family even though you are worn out from a long day at work. 

Why aren't those the things that make us beautiful? Why isn't our forgiveness, love, passion, service, laughter, hope, optimism, genuineness, attitude, generosity, silence, modesty, curiosity, intelligence, surrender, worship, kindness pretty? Why are we complimented on our face being the pretty part of us? I want to forgive pretty, love pretty, hope pretty, act pretty. I want people to notice my pretty attitude. Why isn't inviting the new girl to sit with you at lunch talked about as "pretty"? Because that is what is pretty about you. Your character. Your thoughtfulness. Your heart is what makes you so so so pretty. And I don't mean to be cliche, but your heart is the prettiest thing about you. 

The woman at the well who had been married a few times and was living with a man she was not married to, she was pretty. But not because she had a pretty face... maybe she did. The Bible doesn't say, but she was pretty because she was vulnerable to the words Jesus had to say to her. She was pretty because she went back to her town and told everyone about this "Jesus," this "living water" that she had just been told about. She was pretty because she was passionate and ready. She was pretty because she came as she was. 

The woman who pulled on Jesus' robe in the crowd of people hoping that just by a single touch, she would be healed... she was pretty. Not because she had all the money in the world, or because she was healthy, but because she was faithful and expectant that Jesus could do the unimaginable. She was pretty because she came as she was. 

Esther, she was so pretty. Not because she had the most desired face, but because she was daring, selfless, and humble as she married the king to save her people; to save God's people. She was pretty because she came as she was.

So I challenge you, as well as myself, to aspire to have the prettiness that these women did. To come as we are. To be vulnerable, selfless, passionate, God-glorifying women who strive to have pretty hearts filled with God's beauty and love, ready and expectant for Him to move. Be willing to be used to further His kingdom by our joy and authenticity. 

I wrote these quotes in the instagram caption, but i think that they're so good they need to be repeated:

"We get so worried about being pretty. Let’s be pretty kind. Pretty funny. Pretty smart. Pretty strong.“ 
{Britt Nicole} 

"We’ll walk 3 miles through a mall and search through 60 stores to find the PERFECT dress that shows off our body the way we want it to, but 'we haven’t a clue where to find real fulfillment or how to wear joy.'” 
{Katie Makkkai}

Girls, women, moms, daughters, friends, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, grandmas, let's be genuine in the way we live and let's challenge each other to see the prettiness in our hearts. let's compliment the beauty in our character. let's live bona fide on social media, and in every day life. let's change the meaning of "pretty" together."