Join the Movement

When Laura and I were talking about the idea behind Be Bona Fide, we had no idea where this idea would lead us. The support we have felt from this online community has been unreal!  As I sat on my couch today scrolling through my social media feed, I felt a wave of anxiety crash over me. Thoughts like "I NEED to live on the beach right now" ..."why are we so boring compared to them"... "I'm not doing anything cool with my life". I usually remain a positive person but when I start comparing my life it is easy for me to get this negative outlook on my situation.  I went back to the Be Bona Fide Instagram and searched the hash tag #bebonafide and I immediately felt refreshed. 

You all have such a unique way of sharing what being "bona fide" means to you and it truly is inspiring. YOU are shaping what this movement stands for. We truly could not do this without you.  We are in this thing called life together and I challenge you to share something bona fide. You do not know who you will touch or who needs that extra push today. Someone like myself just needed to see something I can relate to, a reminder that inside every picture is someones messy life. We are all going through something hard and no trial is smaller than an-others.  Thank you, thank you for being apart of this Bona Fide Family!

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Sending so much love from Dallas!