Destiny Thompson

We are SO excited to have collaborated with Destiny Thompson you can find here site HERE and her Instagram at @dthompsy!

She chose to make the quote "love one another" into a  print and it available to you! It is such a good reminder and so cute to hang in a your house or a little's room. :)

Being {BONA • FIDE}, real & ME in everything that I do and am is so important. It's not trying to live a picture perfect life, but loving it for what it truly is + making the best out of it! It is being happy and confident with all that I have been blessed with.

I love Instagram & social media because of all of the amazing people I have met and connected with. I love how friendships that would have never been possible, are created. There is so much greatness that I have seen blossom because of it.  However, more and more I have seen the very, very negative side of social media. Too many times I have seen people writing mean and hurtful things while hiding behind a phone or computer screen + saying things they would never (I hope) say in person. These are the people who are merely and truly unhappy with themselves and unconfident.  The bullies of social media. Why do some people choose to try and tear one another down in an attempt to try and make themselves feel better? Hurting people will never do good for you or anyone around you. Find the love within yourself and bring happiness and light into your life and share it! Let's "love one another" no matter what the situation & choose to stop the hate! 

Lets join together and spread the love in person and in social media today! 

Print available in our shop!