A Happy Life is Not a Perfect Life

The Positively Present blog by Dani Dipirro is on poooint! The "A  Happy Life is Not a Perfect Life" gave a few (6) great ways to help us live happy! 




Number 1 "Stop Criticizing and Judging" is EVERYTHING.  I think as an society as a whole has a hard time being real and opening up is because of the fear of being judged.  Its hard to open up to people that we don't know super well or do a "bona fide" social media post because naturally we are worried that that the person on the other end will jump to conclusions about your life. I wish we had an easy solution on how to get rid of the judgmental looks, comments, feelings that you get from others. But really it just comes down to starting with yourself! We are our own worst critic!  Keep your mind open and find a way to help those who are in need. People will follow your lead! Next time your mind wants to jump to criticism or a judgmental thought find a way to get to know that person better. I'm sure the judgmental first thoughts will be completely wrong about him/her.

Have a Happy Monday y'all!  :)