Recipe For Success

Hey friends, Madi and Katie here.  Because both of us are located in California, last night we had the privilege of attending one of The Yellow Conference’s Bloom Gatherings.  Yellow’s goal as a business is to unite women who “desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living.”  It was so great to be surrounded by like-minded women.  This gathering was based on entrepreneurship and doing good through your business.  At Be Bona Fide, this is something we continuously strive to achieve through every post, like, and comment.  

The space was filled with a heartening passion.  Every detail, from the location to the food and speakers, was inspiring.  Share and Do Good, a giving boutique that houses products made from all over the world, hosted the event.  Every single item in the store is sold for a greater purpose; for example, The Giving Keys, 31 Bits, IPurpose Jewelry and more.    

We were served unique and creative cookies from Cookies that Give, a for-purpose company that utilizes fair trade ingredients and packaging.  In addition, Cookies that Give donates a percentage of each purchase back to a charity of your choice.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  An amazing tasting cookie (I tried the Oreo and just WOW), for a cause that you are passionate about.  

Lisa Casstetter, Founder and CEO of Teen Leadership Foundation, spoke from her heart to ours last night. The quote above displays the drive and passion she has for making a difference in the world.  Her organization is empowering and supporting teens not only in the foster care system, but also those who have emancipated out.  Personally, this is something I have never even thought of before. Children in the foster care system are all on their own at the age of 18 (now 21 in our area, because of Lisa’s work).  By creating familiarity, security, and individuality to these children, Lisa’s foundation is changing the lives of not only them, but their kids, and the kids after.  It’s a ripple effect, and she is taking action to stop it.

This was not always what Lisa had envisioned for her life. She started out in the “for profit” world, but was stopped in her tracks after mentoring a foster child. She dropped life as she once knew it, and begun on the path to change.  Her story is one of trial, obedience, and faith.  She listened to the little voice in the back of her head telling her to do something greater. To do something important and worthwhile. While it might not be the most comfortable, it is the most rewarding and significant.  It is what needs to be done.  

It is so amazing when activism and entrepreneurship come together. Be Bona Fide’s message is to encourage genuine and honest living in order to create a more relatable social media world.  As interns, we are trying & learning & striving & failing, all to start over and try again to make a difference. To bring this passion of ours to the world around us. With you, we are making a difference. Together, arm and arm, we are making social media a better place.  

We consider ourselves lucky to be able to say we have combined our passion with a thriving community of Bona Fide women who inspire us each and every day.

You too can make a difference. If there is one thing we took away from last night, it is that we all have the capability inside of us. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, salesperson, or entrepreneur, you are able. Listen to your heart, bring your passion to your work, not only will it change your life, but the lives of those around you as well.