You Don't Have To Try

"I am so not good at guitar and not perfect in a whole lot of ways, and that is so totally okay. I'm tired of social media being a way to make ourselves look perfect with edits and cuts and time to think, so this is my attempt at making my social media raw and real."

-Ashtyn Grace Stringer

Lets get real- it's easy to think this way but it's straight up hard to live it out. When we came across this video of Ashtyn we were inspired for several reasons. To name a few:

  1. She posted a video of herself singing- with no makeup on, in an XL t-shirt, with a messy bun. Enough said. That takes guts. 
  2.  She messed up a few times but kept going. This wasn't a highlight reel- it was just plain real.
  3. She laughed at herself when she messed up. C'mon, thats tough to do! We are so hard on ourselves. Let's vow to shake off the little things and keep truckin' with a smile.
  4. She spoke life and encouragement. This is rare. We need more of it. 

Next time you need a pick me up watch this video and soak up the lyrics. All you need is a lil' push to remind yourself that life is more than the critics and that you are more than your Facebook friends, instagram followers, or photo with bad lighting. In the words of Ashtyn, "it's gonna be okay." 


Ps. This song is called "Try" by Colbie Caillat