Confidence > Insecurity

I’ve always been the girl who needs assurance from others to feel confident in myself.  At the nail salon, I am always the last of my friends to pick a color so I can see everyone else’s first. My favorite princess as a child depended on who I was hanging out with, along with my favorite sport, color, school subject, & tv show.

I wasn’t the girl who wore red lipstick and strutted cowgirl boots to school in utter confidence.  But I didn’t want to be.  In fact, I was most confident when I felt like I matched someone else, or blended in to the other “typicals” my age.

To put it simply, I wanted to feel accepted by everyone around me- those who were significant players in my life, and those who weren’t.  I thoroughly believed I needed to be in agreement with everyone to be loved, appreciated, & accepted by them.  

I was insecure with myself, my actions, my decisions, beliefs, & preferences.  And I still am insecure in some ways.  Aren’t we all?  Sometimes it can help us- keep us from making too crazy of decisions for fear of judgment by others.  But it’s that same sense insecurity which destroys us.  It pulls us away from the things we love, from chasing our dreams, and taking leaps of faith.

Insecurity is a grip that tightens with doubtfulness and uncertainty. There are many roads to success but they all require trust in your decisions and faith that you will be successful in time. 

You have to believe you have a purpose.  You were hand crafted with determination and strength flowing through your veins.  So drop your insecurities.  Drop you doubts, skepticism, and hesitation.  Be bold.  Be ambitious.  Be Bona Fide.  And be confident that you have what it takes.  Because you do.

- Madi