Dare to Bare

When I first heard about “No Makeup Monday” a few weeks ago, I had a moment of mini panic.  I love the idea of others feeling comfortable in their skin and flashing their real beauty because everyyyyone is beautiful naturally.  But me??  Just no.  I don’t EVER go out without makeup on.  I probably haven’t since before I started wearing makeup when I was 12.  My panic was subsided when I decided I’d just slide under the radar and avoid posting my own. 

Once I started asking people to participate, I realized I couldn’t sit this one out.  How could I ask others to go a full day makeup-less if I couldn’t walk out the door without it?  My friend Jessica was so pumped to brave her bare face on instagram.  She is so confident in her skin, and I look up to her so much for this.  

Me?  I’m comfortable hiding behind my layer of makeup.  I have dark circles under my eyes, the shortest little eyelashes, and freckles covering my nose.  These are my imperfections and insecurities.  These are what I’m hiding with my foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, etc. 

I like makeup.  It’s one of the fun parts of being a girl.  I like trying new looks I learned from youtube videos, and going to Sephora to try new products with friends.  Colorful lipstick is one of my favorite accessories.  But why does my makeup offer a confidence that no outfit or personality can?  Why do I worry so much about appearing “pretty” in the eyes of others? 

I honestly don’t know the answer.  I have no idea why I care so much about hiding the face God gifted me.  I’d rather be known for my beautiful personality than my beautiful face.  I want people to look at me and say wow look at her pretty grace, pretty compassion, pretty selflessness. 

These are the things I have to work for.  These are the things I try & fail & try again at. 

I’m embracing my imperfections.  I’m embracing my insecurities.  I’m embracing the skin I was given and daring to bare. 

I went a whole day without makeup today.  And it was so, sooo freeing.  I’m not going to say I’ll never wear makeup again and that everyone should go around makeup-less from now on, but I do challenge you to try it.  For one day.  Or for as long as it takes for you to know your face isn’t what makes you pretty.

You are all beautiful because you were hand crafted and chosen by someone greater.  You are beautiful for paying it forward, for forgiving, and for hanging out with the new girl.  You are all beautiful for the love you share & spread around to those around you. 

This is me...  Foundation-less, mascara-less, lipstick-less; no filters; all natural. 

- Madi (ohmymadi.squarespace.com)

We're so proud of Madi and her determination to Be Bonafide, even when it's not comfortable or popular. THAT is real bravery, being afraid and doing it anyway! You can participate by posting your own makeup-less selfies with the hashtag #BBNoMakeupMonday. We would love to see our feeds crammed with your beautiful, natural faces! Let's conquer our fears of social media and GET REAL.