Be Present

Let me take a minute and just say how  grateful I am to have Be Bona Fide's message in my life!  Even though I catch myself doing and thinking un-bonafide things everyday it has brought such a light to things that I didn't even know I needed it. 

I was lucky enough to travel to Europe last week, and while there it brought back so many memories of my travels last year. Looking back I had no idea how consumed I was in social media. Sharing my travels with everyone is so easy with social media just a WiFi click away. And don't get me wrong, sharing what you are up to and what you are seeing is the coolest part about social media! But last year while in Europe, every new place we went, I was constantly visualizing the perfect post, then spending a lot of my trip trying to recreate it (which never took just one attempt).  I was so concentrated on getting the picture exactly how I wanted I was so far from being present and soaking in the moment.  I would constantly be going into cafes and hotels and the first thing being said is  "do you have wifi?". I could not wait to post my next picture. Why was I so consumed in it?? The more I think about it, the more I realized: I needed... validation. I subconsciously was looking for comments and likes to validate my trip.   

I remember one day specifically where everything was going wrong. The vibes between Ryan and I were off but I was determined to get this "perfect" picture of Ryan and I kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower. I hauled Ryan around the tower trying to figure out what would be the best angle. I seriously cringe when I think about that day, and really even that picture. Once I got the shot, I went into a Cafe and spent the rest of the day "instagram-ing". Not experiencing the moment. 

This year, although traveling still came with complications and silly arguments, my mind set was completely different. Did I still take ALOT of pictures? Of course! But I was no longer visualizing what I wanted and caring more about the picture than the actual moment. I'm so happy to be constantly reminded by each of you who can relate one way or another (I know I was definitely pushing the crazy card last year). I have said it before and I will say it again: It. Is. Not. Meant. To Be. Perfect. Take in each moment with the struggles life gives you or the unperfect picture with a guy photobombing or your double chin showing more than you hoped. Be Okay with it. We are in this together so let's BE PRESENT which is so much more important than getting that perfect picture.  Head over to our shop and get a bracelet for a reminder. 

- Nicole