See the Beauty Around You.

"You don't need to plan an exotic trip to find creative inspiration. Just look up." - Gavin Pretor

Sometimes we get tunnel vision which hinders our ability to find beauty around us.  

"Slowing down and being in the present is good for your ideas, creativity and your soul" -Gavin Pretor  

Gavin's Ted Talk (link below) really got me thinking on how our culture loves the word "busy". It's almost admirable to be busy.  Our favorite line is...  "busy is good". It is as if busy and successful go hand in hand. 

But why? If we are constantly "too busy" to do anything for ourselves how will we find the small things in life that will make us feel joy?

Along with striving to be "busy" by filling our days with to do lists and tasks we tend to only concentrate on what is happening right in front of us. It is easy to focus on the hard stuff, the overwhelming feelings and what is going wrong- but when you choose to see past what's right in front of you, there's beauty all around us. 

An act of kindness from one stranger to another. a smile shared from the girl across the room. 

Let's all take a few minutes tonight to slow down, look up and appreciate all the beauty we have around us.