Shine From Within: WEEK ONE

WEEK 1: Positive Self- Talk

"It's not what we say out loud that really determines our lives- it's what we say to ourselves- that has the most power."

5 ways to shine_SQUARE.jpg

We are so excited to have you on board as we work together on our own self-worthiness. Each week we will focus on one of the five ways you can shine from within.  These five steps are also found on the packaging of our newest necklace in our inspirational jewelry line (found here). It is served as a tangible reminder to focus on thinking more positively about ourselves and others. 


This week we are focusing on the first step: Positive Self-Talk. The image above represents the power we have over our inner thoughts. What we don't always grasp is that we obtain the ultimate power when we realize just how much we can control our thoughts. Not just in judgement, creativity and every day choices, but electing to think positively about our own selves. Our thoughts hold our own greatest potential and we are the only ones who can unlock that power. Just as the quote above states; "it's not what we say out loud that really determines our lives, it's what we say to ourselves that has the most power."

Abraham Lincoln said, "Most folks are about as happy as they want to be." Meaning when it comes to our inner happiness, we actually have a choice. Our brain is a powerful tool and research shows the impact positive and negative thinking can have on our lives. We have the power to transform ourselves by changing the habits of our mind. But it doesn't come over night. It takes a constant awareness of where we let our thoughts go. We have to be conscious of when to stop thoughts that aren't going to make us feel more positive.


Before Be Bona Fide I was so focused on everyone else's accomplishments. I never tried to push myself to make my dream a reality. I was constantly saying "I'm not good at that, I can't do that, I'm not smart enough...etc." I did not realize that the more I thought this way, the more I was disabling myself from attaining any dream I had for my future  My weaknesses consumed my thoughts, which only amplified them and made me lose sight of my strengths. 

When we launched Be Bona Fide I knew this message had something special but I had no idea of the power it would hold on my inner happiness. 

The article by Evelyn Lim "7 Steps to positive Self Talk" really helped guide my mindset as I focused on finding my inner beauty.  Let's walk through these steps together and apply Positive Self-Talk to our day to day lives. 

Let's start with- being aware of every thought you have. Notice all the thoughts you can have in just one minute. Notice how easy it is to have a negative thought and how much harder it is to find a positive thought. Start by turning the negative thoughts that use the words "I can't" into "I can". 

Second, focus on Positive Affirmations- make them known. Write down a goal you have somewhere, somewhere where you can see it often, repeat the goal over and over.  

"Affirmations are positive statements of a desired outcome or goal. They are usually short, believable and focused. By repeating them over and over again, you build inroads into your subconscious mind, opening up the possibility of a new state of thoughts."

Next visualize your goal coming true and start to look at your thoughts like a movie. 

"...visualization will be helpful. You build on a story with a positive outline. The longer you can tell this story to yourself the better. It is also best if you can make this story one about having all your goals achieved. When you do this, you start to internalize your goals and dreams, as if they are something that you have already achieved."

Replace negative situations with positives.

A common factor that all successful people have in common is that they surround themselves with positive people. We need to be aware of the people and situations that are bringing us down and replace them with supportive, like minded people and activities. 

Confront what is holding you back and start somewhere. If it scares you then it is worth going for. Go after your fear- we have so much at our finger tips. You will never know what you are capable of until you try it. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Be Grateful

Write down three things you are grateful for everyday. Start with the simple things a bed to sleep in, warm water to shower in, etc. Over time your mind will start to scan the world for the positive rather than the negative. 

Be Present

We live in a world where we can be doing a million things at once. We have electronics that are always grabbing our attention, social networks that are constantly pushing our thoughts to what everyone else is doing, and many other things that can consume our minds. Being present in the moment is something that I have had to work really hard on. This is something that does not come naturally to me, but by focusing on what is currently happening in that moment, I am able to see the positives and find beauty in what is happening now, not what will or what needs to be happening later.

Positive self-talk has not only helped me find my confidence, it has helped me gain inner happiness. Inner happiness and positive self-talk is not something you can check off the list. It is something that you have to work everyday on. Some days it comes easier than others but thanks to the guidelines and tips above, my mindset has shifted and I am forever grateful that it has. 

The trophy cup is our goal and we are the only ones stopping ourselves from obtaining that power. Let's commit to this process of change and live a life that will allow us to reach our highest potential. Start tonight, be mindful of your thoughts- change that small negative thought and put it into a positive one don't forget it. Repeat it over and over. You are worth it. 

We would love to hear your story as you go through this journey to shine from within! With each step we focus on during these next 5 weeks, please write down your thoughts for each step. Start today by focusing on/writing about your own Positive Self-Talk. You will then see what it is you need to work on the most for yourself this week and throughout your journey to find inner peace and love.