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ethreeone. + Be Bona Fide: Let’s Get Real.

"Hi ethreeone. fam!

Today’s post is very special as ethreeone. has collaborated with Be Bona Fide to join and help promote their movement which is: to make social media a more realistic representation of our lives and to reveal what is really behind the photos.

Aside from their mission to encourage being real and genuine on and off social media, they sell beautiful paraphernalia including shirts (such as the one I am wearing here and other gorgeous designs), cards, jewelry, and prints. This shirt has become such a favorite of mine, not only for what it stands for and encourages, but for its simple design and irresistible comfort!

Laura and Nicole, founders of Be Bona Fide, have graciously given us – the ethreeone. community – the code “ethreeone_15” that will let you save 15% off your entire purchase online and is valid for the next ten days. As this movement is not about possessing their material items, they are tangible reminders and great conversation starters. There’s been a number of people who have asked me where my shirt is from and what it says/means which has presented the opportunity to share about this movement!

So Be Bona Fide’s tagline is “let’s get real”. While my intention is always to be genuine and authentic about every post I write on here, there is obviously a lot that goes on behind the scenes – particularly with the photo taking and selection process. So get ready for some #BeBonaFide real talk!

As I confessed in my very first post , due to the combination of my tom-boy-fashion roots and my natural loathe of writing, the desire to be a fashion blogger was always non-existent. In addition to these factors, was the insecurity and anxiety that comes with the thought of being in front of a camera. As such, the process of blogging was very unnatural for me but I knew that it was something that I had to do to establish the ethreeone. brand and I figured it would be a great opportunity to do something that essentially scared and challenged me. Almost two years later, blogging has become a bit easier, however, I still laugh/cringe when I get called a fashion blogger.

If you’re thinking that the photos of me don’t portray my insecurity or that it is hard to believe that a fashion blogger could feel that way, know that my struggle with the photo taking process is real and that is what you don’t see behind them. I always tell guest bloggers that if I can pose for photos, they certainly can. In fact, by knowing how it feels to be in front of the camera, it has actually helped me a ton when it comes to directing and knowing what I can say and do to help the guest blogger feel at ease when shooting. Also, please know that during the shoots, there is a ton of trial and error to get the right angle, lighting, and other elements that attribute to a “perfect photo”. There is certainly no editing that takes place to change mine or any of the guest blogger’s physical appearance, however, there is always some minimal processing that has to do with lighting, contrast, and cropping for quality and consistency purposes. Lastly, keep in mind that with any post, you are always seeing the cream of the crop and there is a plethora of photos that don’t make the cut. Even with some photos that do get published, I don’t always love them as my eye is always fixated on the features that I am learning to appreciate and own about myself. In no way do I ever try to fish for compliments, but it does feel good when people see your photos – even the ones you aren’t initially stoked about – and give positive feedback. I realized that unfortunately for myself and most people, it is easier for someone else to spot the beauty in our physical appearance than ourself.

There is so much more that I wish I could write on, particularly with my personal social media accounts, but I thought it was more important to speak about my ethreeone. photos what really is behind them. With any online content, including posts from this blog, remember that there is always a process behind the scenes and that you only see the “finished product”. With all this being said, I still force myself to take photos and not just because it is part of the “job” but I’m realizing it is the best way to get over my insecurity and feel more confident in front of the camera. What has helped is my shift in mindset. Now, I go into the each shoot knowing that I don’t need to be a model, I just need to Brina.

So what is insecurity holding you back from? I think you should go out and do it!

So I think the Be Bona Fide movement is two-fold: not creating a facade on and off social media but also not fooling yourselves by taking everything at face value.

I hope you enjoyed this special post. Find out more about the Be Bona Fide movement on their website and don’t forget that you can use the code “ethreeone_15” to receive 15% off all purchases until February 26th.

Until next time, work hard and be nice to people!

Brina Martens"