Throwback to our 1999 Mood Ring!

Remember that mood stone ring you absolutely loved when you were ten years old? We're bringing it back, with a twist! We did a little digging and researched what the mood stone colors originally meant. Some of the original moods feel right in line with moods we wanted to promote, but many of the colors represented negative moods. We started thinking about it and realized that that's- real life. On a daily basis it's so easy for us to experience a roller coaster of emotions and it's so easy for us to give into those negative moods. 

For us, this mood stone bracelet is meant to be a reminder that life is full of the good and the bad, but we always have the option to choose. We can let our circumstances overwhelm us and give way to stress and fear, or we can choose to courageously overcome what life throws our way. 

Thinking about it, what mood is easiest for you to give into- Stress? Anxiety? Fear?  And what mood could you choose instead?

Below we've listed what the mood stone colors originally meant and then given each of them our own new mood. Some of them coincide perfectly with each other and some of them are opposites, a reminder that sometimes our circumstances make it easy to choose certain moods and sometimes the choice is harder.  



We're hoping this bracelet will help remind you that you always have a choice and we're making prints to coincide with each mood to purchase as a reminder as well. 

Exciting things to come...stay tuned :)