Choose to be courageous: “ I get worried for young girls sometimes: I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.” - Amy Poehler

When we were thinking about the moods we wanted to highlight in this campaign we kept coming back to words that were similar, but seemed to represent something unique and different from one another. Brave and courageous were two of those words and we couldn't put one of them down. So, we're holding them both out to you with the option to, of course, choose. 

To us being brave is the very human instinct to take risks - to leap off the edge into the unknown. But, to be courageous is less about wild abandon and more about the silent determination to be true to yourself. To be who you were made to be. 

Courage is so important, so special to us, at Be Bona Fide, because it is required for all that we stand for. To be real and genuine and authentic you have to summon up a courage deep within.

I love the quote by Amy Poehler above, because I think the idea of being withered and shriveled perfectly encapsulates what it feels like when you’re not being yourself. To me a courageous woman glows and looks like she's full to the brim with life. We obviously live in a culture that encourages thinness as a beauty ideal, but sometimes I think it encourages a shrinking of personality and originality just as much as it does body size. 

The most courageous people I know are the ones that aren't afraid to be wonderfully themselves. Their voice and expressions and even body language exude a brilliant freedom. 

You know what I mean don't you? The people that stand tall, shoulders back, heads high, eyes twinkling with personality. The ones that dance and laugh and cry whenever they feel like, because they aren't afraid of themselves.

Amy Poehler says she's worried for young girls sometimes, and to be honest I am too. 

To live a life tiptoeing around as if letting your full-self be known would cause too much disruption in this world is such a shame. 

 So, here's the question: what would it look like for you to be courageous?  What parts of your life feel withered and shriveled and how could you courageously make them full again?