Removing the Filter- By Greta Lausch

How often do we see photos of ourselves & immediately look for what we would change. Maybe part of our outfit, the way our chin is doubling on one side. Our part is crooked or our hair is greasy. We don't look skinny like that girl & our teeth aren't as white as her. The lighting for the selfie were envisioning just isn't workin' like we planned. Maybe we thought the pose was super cute & ended up looking a little walrus-y. Or what about when our arm is spread out because it's resting against our body like normal human bodies do, but instead we say it looks fat. Hm... But where's the beauty? What about our smiles? What about how we were feeling in that exact moment as it was frozen in time? Or remembering who we were surrounded by or who was behind the camera. 

Here's the truth. I changed 9 times before leaving the house this morning. My hair was still greasy even after I showered. Leather jackets & sweat don't mix. I felt very uncomfortable during this photo because people were watching.

All true... But what's also true is that I'm in my favorite place in the world. My feet felt like they died & went to heaven because tennis shoes don't give blisters. I love the colors of this alley way. Personally, I think you can see how much lighter I feel being here. My purse had a peanut butter & banana sandwich in it & I was so excited to eat it. The sun was out. I was smiling a real, relaxed smile.

This social media thing is tricky. We post a selfie & we're conceited, but if we don't we're insecure. If we have a cute outfit on we're bragging, but if we're in sweats we're lazy. Lots of double standards & expectations on this teeny tiny app. All of this affecting us BIG TIME in the way we see ourselves. Drop the comparing game. Look at yourself & see the beauty. Before you mention the zit or unwaxed eyebrow, pick out five things you love when you see the photo of you. We're so critical when there's so much beauty to be seen. God is so proud of how He crafted you so intimately & wonderfully. Enjoy what He has made in you. You are so worth celebrating.