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Ginger Parrish


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We are SO excited to feature Ginger Parrish on Be Bona•Fide today! We've wanted her to be apart of our launch from the second we started talking about this movement. We love how she writes the sweets and SOURS of life on her blog. Ginger's posts on her Instagram and blog are not only inspiring but are very relatable.


With the combination of the pop of yellow and her constant positive attitude this "Choose the Happy" print screams Ginger Parrish. 

"Life is tough stuff. For every single one of us! No matter what is portrayed through social media, life is tough. But at the very same time, it's so so beautiful! Not only will it run us over when we least expect it + hit us like a ton of bricks if we aren't keeping the important things in perspective, it also provides our souls with the most beautiful memories that we will keep with us forever. If there is one thing that I learned from my mother + relearn every day since becoming a mother myself, it's the importance of choosing the happy in life. Choose to find the good in people around you. Choose to find the best in yourself. In your friends. In your children, or your friend's children. In your family. In every single aspect of your life. It's easy to get distracted with the negative influences wanting us to feel bad about our story, but don't let it consume you. The good is ALWAYS there. We need to choose the happy over + over + over again." -Ginger

I just want to give a huge AMEN to this post! So much of our happiness comes from consciously celebrating the simple joys in life. Next time we are going through a hard situation this print can be in your home to remind us that there is "ALWAYS" something we can be happy about. 

When you are having a bad day, what do you do? 

The thing about having a bad day now that I have two busy little boys to tend to 24/7, is that I can't just like throw in the towel the same way I could before they arrived. As many times as I want to hide under my bed with my iPad streaming Parenthood reruns + a magic invisibility cloak where they can't find me, I can't. No matter how bad I want to. So on crappy days I do one of three things: 1. Go visit Jon at work. He's the very best at thinking outside of the box + reminding me how freaking awesome I am at everything, including complaining. ;) 2. Call Mom. She listens to me complain until I feel better. No matter how long it takes. She ALWAYS has some sort of positive encouragement for me + continually reassures me that life is shorter than it feels on hard days. Number 3: Go to Target. I'm not sure there is an explanation necessary for this one. On REALLY bad days, all three. Repeated as many times as necessary. 

If you could take a pill and be better at one thing tomorrow what would it be? 

Time management. For whatever reason my kick in gear mode doesn't turn on until 15 minutes before the meeting or date or wherever I'm supposed to be. I put my make up on in the car + drive myself bonkers because I always feel like I'm running around with my head cut off. If could have perfect time management I would be set. 

Who is your inspiration?

 In life? My mom. She is the most sincere, hardworking, forgiving, accepting, kind, softhearted person on this earth. She has this superpower speed called Mom speed + she just gets things done. No excuses. I'm still waiting for the day my mom speed kicks in. My inspiration on the internet? Hailey Devine. ( That girl is the salt of the earth. She is stunning, she is kind + she is humble in all the right ways. She makes you feel good about yourself + is always looking to boost others. I love that in a friend + I love that in her. The internet needs more genuine souls like Hailey Devine. 

 What is your favorite sweet? 

Sour patch kids through + through. First I eat all the reds, then then orange, then green + Jon usually throws away the yellow because I let them sit in the bag inside of the cupboard like someone else is going to eat them. I could eat a 10 pound bag in one sitting without blinking an eye. It's bad news. 

What is a life lesson that you live by?  

Kill them with Kindness. I think my mom whispered this in my ear every single night when I was a baby because if there is one life lesson that I feel down to my core, it's this. You don't ever regret being nice. People are usually mean to you because there is something going bad on their end. Don't take it personal. YOU NEVER REGRET being kind. Never eva eva. 

If you have not checked out Ginger's posts you are missing out! Head over to or find her insta at @gparrish and be constantly reminded to -Choose the Happy-.