Choose to Be Fearless


Haven’t you always dreamed about being fearless?

The girl that goes for the job, the summer long adventure, the guy.

The girl that believes in herself, that exudes confidence.

The one that laughs and cries and doesn't worry about what anyone else thinks of it.

Doesn't that sound amazing?

That's how I want to be. That's how I want to live. I want to really go for it. I want to chase after life and catch it. I want to fall and get up, and fall and get up, and be willing to do it all over again a third time.

But here's another secret. A lot of the time I'm pretty afraid.

A lot of the time, I live so in my head that I put my heart on mute.

A lot of the time, I miss the moment. I miss life.

Does that ever happen to you?

Don't you hate it?

See, I believe we're supposed to live a life that is full to the brim of love and beauty and adventure, but when I look around and when I look within I see more timidity and fear than ready to dive of the cliff charisma.

What is up with that?

You are all so stunning and smart and have the BEST ideas! What’s holding you back? What’s making you afraid to show people who you really are? 

I'm the girl that dreams about skydiving but can’t even handle thinking about the feeling of actually jumping out in faith. I’m the one that climbs up the ladder to the high dive and then literally turns around and climbs back down… bumping into 7 year olds as I do.

Seriously. I look up there and see those kids jumping into the water and think, AMAZING, GET ME UP THERE, but then when I’m given the opportunity I want to hide under my lawn chair instead.

Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever hear about opportunities, or jobs, or experiences that just sound like the best thing you’ve ever heard of, but you can't actually get yourself to choose them? I’m talking about the things or people that make you feel weak in the knees with longing, but overwhelm you with fear all at the same time.

You know what I mean, right? We see these people stepping out, leaping off, and plunging in all around us, but we stay clinging to the edge.

We have the opportunity to go on a fantastic backpacking trip in Europe, but feel nervous about spending the money. Or, this really awesome guy asks us out on a date, but it just feels too unpredictable so we stay home instead. Or, you have this beautiful idea about starting a company that inspires women to be themselves...but it's really hard. And really scary.

Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel worked into a tizzy by fear? Wrapped up in nervousness or anxiety or just this desire to hide?

Well here’s the truth: you are not alone.

But, let’s not stay there.

Let’s not hide beneath our fear.

Let’s be women that go for it. That are willing to fail and be heart broken and risk it all, because we’re unwilling to miss out on the experiences that might get us there. Let’s go on adventures. Let’s fall in love. Let’s jump off the cliff.