"Shine From Within" Launch

"If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies how very different our ideals of beauty would be". 

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like if everyone's outward appearance was an exact representation of their inner self?

We all know someone that sticks out to us as a beautiful person. Not just beautiful physically, but their soul just seems to shine and radiate contagiously. Their inner qualities emanate, and you find yourself naturally attracted to their presence. Some of these people may not be the most attractive on the outside, but you are in awe of them as they exude confidence and love. We have come to realize that the happiness they radiate is because they love THEMSELVES. They are constantly working on bettering who they are and how they treat others. When you begin to work on loving yourself, you start to feel happier and it translates into more physical beauty. We spend enormous amounts of money on products to make our outer selves better, but do we spend equal or more time on improving our inner beauty? As a society, we feel that if our appearance on the outside is flawless, then everyone will think that we are flawless on the inside as well. 

Looking beautiful physically is something that we all strive for, but what we don't realize is that a real, genuine person is so much more refreshing. If we take care of the inside, the outside will take care of itself. Those people I talked about before, those happy people who glow with warmth and appreciation for all they have and all they are. Those people can be YOU as well. Those people didn't get to the point they are at without constant work for what radiates from their soul. So let's begin now. Let's do this together and let others see how much more beautiful we really are! 

We would like to introduce the newest addition to B/B's inspirational line! Our newest necklace is a reflection of who we are inside and out. As you may know, a geode looks and feels like any other stone on the outside, but once you get to see what's inside when opened, it is obvious that true beauty is on the inside and the shimmering crystals are at the center of what this ordinary looking stone was all along. This is a tangible reminder that the beauty that really matters is on the inside.

We want to remind you that whatever it is that's making you feel small, unworthy lost or alone, you can change that. 

We want to show you how to believe and uncover the thoughts that mask truth of who you are. We want to help one another see each other's potential.

Join us in this five week process as we elaborate on the five steps of how to shine from within:

Step 1: Positive Self Talk

Step 2: Self-Forgiveness

Step 3: Self-acceptance

Step 4: Self-love

Step 5: Serving-Others

We will be touching on each of these topics over the next five weeks- it is not until you truly love yourself before you can love and serve others. Loving yourself is not an easy task and it is something that will happen over time, it will be hard and it will be something that you will constantly be working on everyday. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is not an easy task, but we can assure you- it will be worth it. 

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