Shine From Within: WEEK 5

Everything has been off these past few days, nothing seems to be going right, my house can’t stay clean, I’m nagging at Ryan (the husband), I’m getting offended by someone left and right, the list goes on and on. Right before I sat down to write this blog post I was saying to myself “Why does life have to be so hard?”.  

This is not the first time that I have felt this way and I know it will not be the last.

Then I thought to myself--  Have I been finding time for myself this week? Have I been working on Positive Self-Talk, Self forgiveness, Self- acceptance and Self- love?

The bona fide answer is... not much, if at all.

I have been so focused on what is not going right in my world, being “busy” and not making that inner effort to apply the words Be Bona Fide has been preaching. I have lost my way and I feel robbed. I feel robbed because I know what it feels like to feel self-love and I let it go.

Before Be Bona Fide I have always found a quick fix to get out of these “funks” by turning my focus outwards and start serving. This has helped me, but only temporary. I was right back to where I started a week or so later.

Before you can truly find love in serving others you need to find the love for yourself. Which brings up a question I have been battling with. Is it better for me to just go out and serve or to take a step back and apply these practices below in my life first?

  1. Positive self-talk

  2. Self-forgiveness

  3. Self-acceptance

  4. Self-love  

As you can see from my experience- these steps to shine are not something we practice once. It is not something that I can write about and talk about but not practice them daily. It will only be a matter of time where you will fall back into your old ways. You and I need to go through these steps everyday and ask ourselves:

Have I told myself that I am strong?

Have I given myself grace today?

Have I made an effort to notice my inner beauty and take care of my mental health this week?

As we are constantly working on these thoughts we will start to see the love grow for the people around us. We can openly serve others around us and give the love we are capable of.

This brings me to our 5th and final step to shine from the inside out - Serving Others. 

These next couple days I will be working from the bottom to turn my focus back on the four steps we have previously walked though. I will focus on my inner beauty so that when I do see that calling where I’m needed to serve, I will be ready for it. I will be ready with a clear mind and an open heart.

Serving others does not always have to come in extravagant forms is can be as little as a handwritten letter to a friend, opening a door for a stranger, calling a friend to be a listening ear. All it takes is being aware of where you are needed and taking action.

“When you decide to notice, when you decide to act, when you decide to make a difference (even in a small way), you have taken the first step in changing the world.”

This holiday season is the best time to look for people and places where you are needed. We have so much to be grateful for, so let’s spread the B/B holiday cheer and serve a friend, neighbor, co-worker, volunteer at a shelter, visit someone in the hospital, compliment a stranger, etc. We would love to see you serving! Feel free to share it and tag #shinefromwithin.

We will be ending this #shinefromwithin series with a sale on the product that inspired these past five blog posts. Stay tuned tomorrow for something exciting something that you can pass on to a loved one during this holiday season.

Thank you all for joining us! We love you and are grateful for this online community we have built.