Learning to Be Present at The Happiest Place on Earth

"Hi, I’m Katie, and I am addicted to Disneyland. Lucky for me I live about an hour and half away from the magic kingdom and I have annual pass. Unfortunately, it is expiring at the end of September – so last Thursday my boyfriend Sean and I decided to ditch our responsibilities for the day and head to The Happiest Place on Earth.

We have been to Disneyland together more times than I can count and have all of the mandatory Disneyland couple photos in front of the castle, the Ferris wheel, on Splash Mountain, with the characters, walking down Main Street USA… you get the picture. In the spirit of Be Bona Fide we decided to go phone-less this trip. This meant no looking at your phone while waiting in line, or checking the Disneyland app for wait times, and if we were taking a picture we only got one shot, ONLY ONE SHOT!


I was reluctant to give up my phone at first, but the second I tucked it away I automatically felt relieved and stress-free. It is such a nice feeling to not be glued to your phone and detach from social media for the day. We headed to “Soaring over California” first, because they added new high tech screens that allow you to experience the 3D motion of flying without 3D glasses – it was seriously amazing!

Anyway, while waiting in line without our phones, we were able to spend time reading the bios of all the pilots that cover the walls leading up to the entrance of the ride. These fun facts lead to conversations about female pilots, fighter jets, and WWII – all while helping past the time of waiting in line. Once we jumped on the ride the girl sitting next to me began snapping (snap chatting) our flight. Not only was the light distracting but I couldn’t help but think that she was missing out the ride because she was choosing to document and share this moment on social media. Instead of experiencing the ride, she was viewing it through her iPhone screen, a tiny tiney  5.44” x 2.64” screen, compared to the massive high-tech jumbotron right in front of her! 

Running around Disneyland phoneless, watching people constantly on their phones, posing and snapping pictures, and documenting and sharing their experience for the sheer pleasure of posting on social media got me thinking, why do we choose to view life through our iPhone screen? The beauty of our surrounding is only adequately captured by the beholder - YOU and your eyes only! Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook had allowed us to share our surroundings with others but it will never quite do it justice. The snapchat of “Soaring over California” could never capture the nostalgic feeling you get when your legs are dangling from a ride, the wind blowing in your hair, or the smell or California Orange fields or the Pacific Ocean.These little moments add up and make memories and this is something you will never be able to capture and share with your followers, friends, or family. 

I am challenging you to choose a place where you have envisioned taking the perfect picture for instagram (you know that place, the “Nikon Picture Spot”) and go phoneless for the day. Fight the urge to live your life looking through your iPhone screen. There is so much more beauty in the world and all you have to do to enjoy it is: look up."

How many of you have had this same experience? *insert raising hand girl emoji* We sure have and know first hand how easy it is to get lost in your iPhone, especially waiting in those long lines! At Be Bona Fide we are striving to be present in everything that we do and L O V E how Katie is challenging us to put down our phones and enjoy the moment. Are you going on vacation, have a day trip planned, or visiting an Instagram worthy place soon? We want to hear your experience about being present and going phone-less! Make sure to tag us @bebonafide, use #bebonafide, or email us at to have your story featured. 

Don't forget we will be in Southern California TOMORROW at LUX Clothing (@shopluxclothing) in Riverside from 10 - 12. We would absolutely love to mix and mingle with the people who are keeping this movement alive. Stop in for sips, snacks, and a little (or a lot) of shopping! Can't wait to meet you!