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november 17, 2017




Ashley LeMieux is the founder and CEO of The Shine Project and is a firm believer that everyone was born to Shine. Ashley is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her company, The Shine Project, employs at risk youth in America to help them break the cycle and reach their potential.

She has a passion for cheering on the under dog, helping women develop themselves personally and professionally, and for allowing others to see the triumphs and heartaches in her life to help them find strength in their own journey. Ashley's life mantra is "Make it Happen", and nothing makes her happier than being able to help women do just that in their own lives. 

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "I live with a broken heart."

*A percentage of all ticket sales will go to the Shine Project to help mentor and equip inner-city youth with the tools to discover their personal value and pursue a college education.



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Laura rush & nicole Barlow  (@bebonafide)

Laura and Nicole are the founders of Be Bona Fide and their passion for this movement has been fueled by so many incredible women. They will be taking you through their journey of how Be Bona Fide began and where they are now because of it.

Bona Fide means real; genuine. This word is very powerful as it is the center of our movement. People are craving realness. Not only on our social media platforms but in our daily lives as well. The sole purpose of these events is to allow you to peel back the layers/filters that we put up, encourage you to overcome adversity and work on self-love and acceptance that can be applied into our everyday routine. 

Laura (left) is a mom of two little girls and is the Designer and Event Planner for Be Bona Fide.

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "I have my own stash of plastic cutlery at home because I don't like to eat off metal utensils. I am also a recovering self-hater who works daily on loving my body and myself."

Nicole (right) Became a mom to a sweet baby boy in August! She is the Public Relations and Marketing Director for Be Bona Fide.

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "I have a strong case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and comparing myself too much."

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MONIKA KORRA  (monikakorra.org)

18 years old, with big dreams and high goals, Monika Korra moved from her native Norway to Dallas, TX on a track scholarship with SMU. To represent a college track team was a dream come true, and it took her a step closer towards her goal of becoming a professional runner. She felt like nothing could hold her back.

One night during her sophomore year, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and gang raped by three men. Suddenly, her life was turned up side down, and she and others wondered if she would ever find her way back to a normal life; however, Monika was determined. In the police car on the way to the hospital that night, she made the decision to not let that event destroy or define her life - she would fight until she felt whole again. She would survive.

After assisting with the convictions of her 3 assailants, Monika bravely came forward to make her voice heard. In doing so, she turned tragedy into a message of survival and hope for anyone who has suffered through trauma or setbacks. She founded "The Monika Kørra Foundation", whose mission is to create awareness of the prevalence and effects of sexual assault and to provide a place of healing for victims.

Monika is now a highly sought after speaker and author, continually speaking across the nation to create awareness regarding rape and abuse and to inspire others to work their way through any kind of personal life challenges, not just those involving sexual assault. In her book, “Kill the Silence,” you can learn more about how she was able to get back up on her feet, work her way through the hardship and grow from it.

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "Nothing is like a deep conversation with a beautiful mind."

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BRANDI laughlin (justbrandi_)

I’m Brandi! I’m a mom of two boys, an entrepreneur, fitness lover, former marathon runner, former bikini competitor, and weight loss success story. 

In 2009 I found myself as a new Mom, overweight, and having completely lost my identity. I was depressed, unhealthy, and didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. 

I knew something needed to change, so I began to journal my weight loss daily. 

I talked about my struggles, successes, my marital problems and more. Basically all the stuff no one wants to talk about, I did. 

Today I find myself in the best place I’ve ever been, having gone through some of the most difficult times in my life. I share that in hopes that you can see that sometimes things in our life don’t always go as we plan them, sometimes they can go so much better. 

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "My message to women is to "stay in your own lane and focus on your own journey", but I still struggle with comparing myself to others daily."

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You do not want to miss out on this surprise keynote speaker.

Not only does she emulate grace and compassion, she reminds us that no matter how much exposure and limelight she may get, she is still relatable and shows that it's okay not to be perfect.

This woman has the ability to make others feel comfortable, loved and important, which is why we are so excited to introduce her to you at our retreat!

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: I make jokes that I’m messy, but my lack of fixing it is negatively affecting my marriage.

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Stacey mattinson  (@staceymattinson)

Stacey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher based out of Austin, Texas. She owns a private practice for nutrition counseling specializing in weight management and runs a food and nutrition communications blog at www.staceymattinson.com. If she has one goal, it's to make healthy eating fun and easy. 

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "I'm naturally disorganized, and I hate that about myself."


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jasmine zutter  (@class_studios)

Jasmine Zutter is the owner of Class Studios, a new Dallas-based boutique fitness business opening in December of 2017 in the West Village.  Jasmine was born in LA and moved to northern Virginia where she grew up with her sister and mother.  She attended the University of Virginia where she studied Neuroscience and Women’s Studies.  Jasmine started her career as a high school teacher and varsity cross country coach in New York City.  

After moving to Dallas in 2014, Jasmine decided to pursue her passions for fitness and education.  She has consulted for and trained dozens of new fitness studio owners and instructors internationally, while serving as a leading presence in the Dallas fitness community.  She has received numerous accolades as a leading Dallas fitness influencer, including Best Instructor and Most Motivational Instructor, as well as being a Brand Ambassador for both Lululemon and Bandier. 

She lives in Dallas with her husband, John, two dogs, Jax and Penelope and is expecting her first baby in February.   

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: I am a recovering control freak and am incredibly terrified of failure. 



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12PM - 10PM

We will provide KIND BARS and PRESSED JUICE FROM I LOVE JUICE BAR to get you fueled and ready for our yoga/mindfulness OR KICKBOXING session.


stacey mattinson    ( @staceymattinson )  www.staceymattinson.com    BONA FIDE CONFESSION:  "I'm naturally disorganized, and I hate that about myself."  Stacey is a motivational nutrition guru who will help you break the barriers on achieving the health you never thought you could, feel confident in your own skin, drop the guilt-shame cycle with food, and kick the confusion on what you should actually eat.  This also brings us to the best part of this event... our dress code is ACTIVEWEAR!  (insert party emoji)   

stacey mattinson  (@staceymattinson) www.staceymattinson.com

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: "I'm naturally disorganized, and I hate that about myself."

Stacey is a motivational nutrition guru who will help you break the barriers on achieving the health you never thought you could, feel confident in your own skin, drop the guilt-shame cycle with food, and kick the confusion on what you should actually eat.

This also brings us to the best part of this event... our dress code is ACTIVEWEAR!  (insert party emoji)


Let's Get Real Event_ Be Bona Fide



Lizzie Somabut.jpeg

Lizzie somabut - Lululemon ambassador  (@lizziesomabut) 

Hello! I’m Lizzie and I’m on a mission to spread the messages of self love and care to as many humans as possible through blogging and goal & wellness coaching. Because self-care isn’t selfish! 

I didn’t always know that this was my “cause”; and to be honest I never thought I would figure out what my passion was. The closest I got to identifying such was that I knew I wanted to help others. So I pursued a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and it felt like I’d found what I was supposed to do. But after graduation and working in the industry for some time, I burnt out and didn’t know what to do about it. I was lost with no idea where to go next. 

Enter, Lululemon. I found this company on a whim 4 years ago and it changed my life forever. Because of it, I grew up to figure out my passion: to share with everyone the impact self love can have with the power of goal setting. And what started as blog is slowly becoming a business to inspire as many people as I can to put themselves first because they know they’re worth that first place spot! 

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: I sometimes struggle to find my own self-worth even though I work to encourage others to feel worthy.




Gather Kitchen


The Dapper Doughnut

Filter(ed) Coffee


And more!

Fill your bellies with a wholesome dinner and sweet treats!



These inspiring ladies will lead a table of you women through a series of stimulating and enlightening questions. This will be an excellent opportunity to GET REAL with one another and form new bonds and friendships with the incredible women surrounding you this night. Everyone will randomly be assigned to a table. That way we can all step out of our comfort zones and get to know the influential people around you.  



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Ron Bultongez | SOLO ARTIST | (@ronbultongezwww.ronbultongez.com

Ron was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he grew up speaking nothing but French. After immigrating to the United States, Ron Bultongez now calls Plano, TX home.

Since December 2015, Ron has been on a mission to share his music with anyone who’s willing to listen. His Singer-Songwriter genre is Bluesy and is deeply rooted in soul. His original work is always story-oriented.

Lately, Ron can’t seem to stay out of the media now (for good reasons), he has been featured on MTV, Dallas Morning News, Plano Magazine, CBS, Star Courier News, and many others throughout the US. Ron has also been nominated for 4 different 2017 Music Awards.

When he’s not touring, in the studio, or in an interview, he is often found investing in under developed communities, schools, and non-profit organizations. He’s released 3 singles and an EP so far and plans to release more music in the near future.

Tiffany Houghton.jpg

TIFFANY HOUGHTON  (@CALLHERCRYSTAL) www.callhercrystal.com

Tiffany, better known as Call Her Crystal is a Dallas-raised singer-songwriter from Dallas. As a pop artist, she has released numerous singles and has been featured on multiple publications.

As a child and young teenager, Houghton lived in New York City, had some work in television and commercials, and was the alternate child actor and singer for the musical Annie. Houghton later moved to Nashville for two years, a year on the road, and then lived in LA for about 3 years.

"I don’t work with an industry, I work each day with other passionate young boys and girls all over the world. Crystal is not who I am, it’s what we do, together. It’s an art project that Is changing the attitude of a generation. We paint, we dance, we act, we sing, we write, we play, we express ourselves in every art form, healing ourselves and others from the inside out.

My mother gave me the middle name, Crystal, to remind me of beauty as it’s in its purest form. As Crystal, I go back to purity, to sincerity, to confidence in my authenticity. Now and forever, art is love, made out of out of light… We can’t wait to see the whole world sparkle." - Tiffany Houghton

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In a short period of time, Lucy Scholl has emerged as one of country music’s most distinctive and promising young artists. With a personalized approach that combines vividly emotional country storytelling with state-of-the-art pop craftsmanship, the charismatic Texas-bred, Nashville-based artist possesses all of the qualities needed for both stardom and a long-term musical career.

Although she’s still in the early stages of her musical life, Scholl has already achieved a series of creative milestones, and has already earned an impressive grass-roots fan base while maintaining a substantial social-media presence. Her infectiously catchy self-penned songs abound with sonic freshness and lyrical insight, marking the enterprising singer-songwriter as an artist to watch.

Growing up in Texas, Lucy Scholl sang virtually from birth, regaling houseguests with her rendition of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” at the age of two, playing kid parts in high-school musicals alongside her older siblings, and eventually training in musical theatre as a teenager. When she was 16, a friend challenged her to write a song, and before long, she had embraced songwriting as a vehicle for self-expression. 


Madison Luikens.jpeg

Madison Luikens | photographer (@nourishandnamaste)

Hey y'all! I'm Madison. I wear many hats, but I'll claim photographer + nutritionist for right now. Based in Austin, I love nutrient-dense food, conversations that matter, music that speaks to my soul, all things Texas, the color green, hashtags, being a dog mom, the peace that yoga provides, telling stories through writing, photographing people + food, and eating it, too. (FYI: I don't eat people. #notazombie)

I love to go on many adventures in the mountains, among rivers + the high plains of the desert alongside my husband of 6+ years, who has taught me more about love, grace + forgiveness than I could have ever imagined.

For the last 5 years I focused on high school senior portraits. I wanted to make young girls feel beautiful and strong in their own skin, because when I was in high school, I seriously struggled with body image and disordered eating patterns. Now that passion has shifted to my wellness blog, Nourish & Namasté, where I hope to inspire others to love themselves by living a mindful life. 

BONA FIDE CONFESSION: I constantly fear I'm a fraud or not good enough. Insecurity is my biggest vice, and I struggle with anxiety often.

karolyn briley.jpeg

Karolyn briley | PHOTOGRAPHER |(@karolynbriley)



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