Emilie Damos' Self Discovery Story

emilie damos.jpeg

I was on the bonafide Instagram account the other day, and was inspired by all the women who were brave enough to tell their stories. My teenage years were all about feeling like I had this standard to 'reach ' or that being 'me' wasn't good enough.

I have felt the pressures of social media from friends and people I haven't even met. They would post on how great their lives were. I would see women take "selfies" 50 times until they get the "right" picture to post. I was the girl that would never leave the house without makeup. However, last week I was running errands without makeup. As I have been following this movement, I have learned that we all have our own stories, heartbreaks, triumphs and struggles, but we do not have to 'pretend' to be anyone else or to be jealous of other people successes. There is only "1" you and that is what makes you unique. I believe everyone has a purpose and a story to tell and that is what makes you beautiful. I've learned to embrace my uniqueness, and have learned what I am is enough.