Greta Lausch's definition of Bona fide

greta tat.jpeg

whaaaaaaaat!? i got a tattoo. crazzzzziness.

something completely out of my comfort zone that i never, in a bazillion years, thought i would choose to do! so why?

i don't think anyone needs to justify the tattoos they decide to get -- meaning or no meaning behind them. but for me, if a tattoo was ever going to be something i got, it was going to mean a lot of things, because i appreciate my pure-skinned body that God gave me & to permanently engrain something into it, i wanted it to be Jesus-reflecting.

bona - fide

words never spoken by Jesus, yet lived out more by him than anyone else who has ever walked this earth, right? Jesus was authentic, kind, & gracious. He reminded people that they were loved, despite life-long bleeding, leprocy, many husbands, judgmental hearts, stealing, etc. that they weren't alone due to the ways they fell short.

bona - fide
to be genuine & real

so no, Jesus never said this phrase & God didn't technically call the israelites to be "bonafide," but in a way He did. without saying those words He asked each of his people all throughout time to live lives that were authentic. to be honest about their shortcomings & then bring those shortcomings before God. to never be arrogant or prideful, but humble & surrendered.

i want to be reminded daily that everyone's got something. that none of us are alone. that God will use our shortcomings & turn them into something so beautiful for His kingdom, if we let Him.

laura & nicole, the founders of bonafide, have introduced a fresh, new way of living & i want to live this way always. no, i am not perfect at this. yes, i catch myself daily lacking grace & perspective & a positive self-image. but, now, even when i'm old & gray, i can look back & remember this season & be reminded to continue to strive towards a bonafide life. to be more like Jesus in the way i talk, see, listen, speak, etc.

i am now marked with the most beautiful season Jesus has brought me through so far. & i hope it continues to be a big part of the beautiful seasons to come. i don't think i will ever be disappointed to have this on my arm.