Jessica Kruebbe's Self Discovery Story

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One of my biggest strengths is that I always look for the good in people. I don’t acknowledge gossip about people before I have given them a fair, honest chance to prove themselves to me. I see past rough exteriors and intentionally search for positive traits in people. I often try to stop girls around me from saying nasty things about the party girls at our school, I protect the cocky boy from harsh words behind his back, and I spend time getting to know the pothead afterschool even though everyone says he isn’t worth the time. I consistently extend my arms to people that need acceptance, and I am proud of my kindness.

One of my biggest weaknesses is that I always look for the good in people. I ignore the warnings from my friends about who not to get involved with. I open up my heart and my home to people that couldn’t care less about me. I spend days, weeks, months trying to get to know people that will eventually dump me from their lives unapologetically. Worst of all, I give people way too many chances. I never know when to stop searching for the light inside of people and I remain oblivious to the layers and layers of ugliness that they bury their hearts under. I let people lie to me, make me feel inadequate, take advantage of me physically, and use my affection to feed their selfish needs of affirmation, and I am ashamed of my foolishness.

After years of nicely putting up with poor treatment, I have been making great strides to change my ways. For such a long time I have put up a façade of joy in many of my relationships. After listening to the encouragement of my trusted friends and discovering Be Bonafide, I value realness more than ever. I have learned that people will treat you the way that you let them treat you, so it’s very important to stand your ground and only allow people to address you with respect. I have figured out that pretending to look happy and carefree allows people that aren’t good to you to believe they are treating you well and *spoiler alert* you will continue to be treated poorly. So, stand your ground and don’t settle for less love than you deserve. You’re worth it.