Kylie Lugo's Self Discovery Story

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Let's be real. High school is rough. Specifically, my senior year was the epitome of hard times. Many people that I deeply cared for walked out of my life for reasons that were not backed with truth. It hit me hard. Life got really tough very quickly, and with no warning. Quite honestly, I felt extremely defeated. I felt that I had given my all to these people, and it was taken for granted. I realized that when all of this was quickly taken out of my life, although it was tough, it brought me back down to earth. I realized that although many people had walked out of my life, the true friends stayed. That all I needed were those couple friends to help me get through this tough time. These hard times and reading posts through Be Bona Fide taught me to be genuine. That it's okay to have a bad day, or two, or a million. I think it's so easy in life, especially for me, to get caught up in this portrayal of a perfect life. But, life happens. Sometimes life knocks you down hard, and if I've learned anything this year, it's that sometimes you just have take it and adjust to what it brings. When I learned how to be genuine and forthcoming with my life, I felt such a sense of relief and freedom. God can do some great things in the midst of our chaotic lives, and I think that's pretty great. [romans 8:18]