Laura Rush's Motherhood Story

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Over the weekend I got my wisdom teeth removed and last night I forgot to take my middle of the night meds. So this morning I woke up with a throbbing mouth and I took my pills on an empty stomach (bad idea) and fell back asleep. Until Haven walked in with an overfilled diaper and poop running down her legs. I ran over to get her all cleaned up and then the nausea hit. hard. 🤢 I was breaking out in cold sweats, my face looked like a ghost and the smell was horrific. 

I got her into the shower all while Lila was crying crying in the other room. I thought she was crying bc she was ready to get up and eat, but that wasn't the only thing she wanted.. she wanted the hell out of her crib!! Come to find out, Haven snuck in her bed in the night to sleep with her.. so sweet right? Until she ended up pooping all over her and her bed. 🤢

I almost barfed all over her and her crib, but I managed to hold it together. Now they are all cleaned up, I'm drinking my protein packed smoothie and I didn't throw up (woot woot) and I'm choosing to let the rest of the day be a good day!

One positive thought each morning can change your entire day. So my positive thought is at least no one ate poop... (Lila) or threw up and we started the morning early all fresh and clean! I've accepted the fact that when you become a parent your life will constantly be revolved around poop and bodily fluids. 
Let’s begin this week with the knowledge that you are in charge of your happiness despite the storms that may come your way. Choose your mood, change your world!