B O N A • F I D E


 1. real, genuine

Let's get realwe are not perfect.
The social media world is all about painting that perfect picture. Perfect kids, perfect vacations, perfect makeup, perfect body, and so on. Nowadays with technology at our fingertips, we are all striving to portray that flawless image of how we want others to view us. 
That is not real life; having struggles is real life. Those struggles have molded us to the people we are today. 
BE  B O N A • F I D E  is a company started by two girls who have constantly compared themselves to that “perfect” social media world.
But now we want to know what makes you real. 
We will be featuring some of our favorite bloggers and social media celebrities to reveal an undocumented side of their lives.  
We want to provide an outlet of the raw, unedited footage that everyone can relate to.


HI, Y'ALL! Yes. We are based out of Dallas, Texas so y'all is happenin'.  We are so excited to bring Be Bona • Fide to a social media near you! The only way we can spread this word is if you help us out. This will be the place where you can come to be built up emotionally and be inspired by one another's stories. Are you in? LET'S GET REAL- and embrace our messy lives together!

Above are the creators of Be Bona Fide. Let's take you back 10 years ago when Laura and Nicole were two teens, both entering a new chapter in their lives. They both had just moved to a new state to start their college careers and after two glorious years of being roommates, life pulled them in different directions. Little did they know that after 5 moves, 2 husbands, 3 schools, and 2 babies they would be here!  

They first began with a craving to make a change and two t-shirt designs; now they have multiple products that are tangible reminders to work on being bona fide in every aspect of their lives. On top of their products, spotlight features of other remarkable women and keeping it real online, they have recently started hosting events in Utah, Arizona, California and soon Texas. The purpose of these events is to give their attendees a safe place to peel back the layers/filters that are put up, encourage others to overcome adversity and work on self-love and acceptance that can be applied in their everyday routine. 

With open arms, we invite you to join us as we spread the Be Bona Fides movement all around the world! #bebonafide


Co-owner | Public Relations and Marketing


Looking at my place in this movement the hardest/coolest/most inspiring part for me is recognizing how much growing I still have to do. My email inbox is full of these powerful women who are so sure of who they are, who are not afraid to be vulnerable and put their hearts on their sleeves. I wish I could say this is me too. But it is not me and you are all inspiring me every day to get there. I recognize I have strengths but I see my weaknesses. I sometimes doubt my title in this movement because I read all of your strong words and I’m envious that you are so sure of who you are. I recognize how indecisive I am. Looking back I have always struggled with knowing exactly what I stand for… so often I’m in the gray when at this point in my life I feel like I need to be standing in the black or white. I over analyze the pros and cons in almost everything which makes it hard for me to voice my opinion.

When we launched Be Bona Fide I did not realize how much I needed this message in my life (tearing up as I type) and how much this movement would impact me as a person. And you are all apart of this movement! You a follower on our Instagram or an individual that sends us a quick email comment... You are all a part of shaping what Be Bona Fide stands for. You teach me every day what it takes to Be Bona Fide on social media and in my community. When it comes to this movement I have never been surer of anything in my life. In fact...  I’m not in the black or white... I’m in the full on flames... I  need your words and this movement.

Looking back to where I was over a year ago… I  was obsessed with staying connected with my phone and getting validation through social media. I saw others and constantly would compare myself with what they had and what I did not. I truly have found joy in my life through this message and I'm learning through every one of you! I know I have a lot to work on and I know it will take me longer than others to get vulnerable with each of you.. but I will get there.  This is my passion and I know Be Bona Fide has the potential to change you like it has changed me.


Co-owner | Designer and Event Planning

Hello there! My name is Laura. I wear many different hats and love every part of it. I have one little girl named Haven, a dog named Curly and in about a week and a half we will be adding another little girl to the family! I am married to my sweet husband, Cory and we have lived in Dallas, TX for almost two years now.

As one of the founders of Be Bona Fide, I work in many different fields, but my main focus is bringing you all the visual aspects. I am the graphic designer, calligrapher, photographer and creative director. I love that, for the first time, I have the opportunity to use my skill set to not just create, but to lift, inspire, and motivate others. My hope with each print, design, and letter is to set that spark that ignites beautiful things in those who need that fire. Bringing together a strong community with a common goal is my passion. Being creative and having the opportunity to express it in a way that helps other people has helped fulfill my desire to lift and inspire others.

When we thought of the concept of Be Bona Fide, I knew it was going to be something that would change my life, but I didn’t know about how much of an impact it would have on me for the better. You see, when we first started the company I was in a very dark place in my mind. At the time I had recently had my first baby girl, we moved halfway across the country when she was just 6 weeks old and there were many big changes going on. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from postpartum depression and felt like I was smaller than an ant. I was constantly comparing myself to all the other beautiful mama’s on my Instagram feed, with their very “perfect” and put together lives, who seemed to have it all without a care in the world. I was very insecure about my body, my clothes, my hair and pretty much everything in between. When people were talking to me I could barely focus on what they were saying, all I could hear were voices in my head telling me that all they were thinking was how overweight I was and how my style wasn’t good enough.. Like I said, I was in a dark place. I was focusing on the materialistic and physical side of my life more than what really mattered. It was a period of time that is hard for me to explain, but I felt the way I felt, and no one could change it. The only thing that could change the way I thought about myself was me.

There are many different factors that helped me get out of that horrible state, but there have been multiple times that I have slowly began to sink back into it, especially during this pregnancy. I have learned that those thoughts will always hover, waiting for an opportunity to sneak in, and that it takes a vigilant, constant effort of choosing which thoughts that I want to occupy my life and my mind. That is what it is to Be Bona Fide. It’s choosing what makes you YOU and that will make you happy. You learn to feel what you want to feel, to open the gate to the positive and then decide to make a change and become stronger. You need to be honest with yourself. That is when change occurs and you become open and strong. It’s a never ending journey, but I’m excited to have so many inspiring people join in on this movement and begin to feel the way we feel. 

Thanks for being apart of this journey with us!