Meggan Spellman's Self Discovery Story


Known as the girl in either all black, head to toe leather, or even a tutu here and there, fashion has most certainly been my passion. I had always been back and forth between different interests and hobbies - always trying to find that little escape. It wasn’t until my Junior year of high school where my liking for this new enticing adventure began.

Fashion was something that I loved to explore because it was my way of being “different.” It also terrified me. What if I didn't have that “perfect look?” What if someone didn't like my style? I certainly was no professional stylist or designer.

Everyone correlates the fashion industry with having having a size 0 waist, perfectly clear skin, and ever glowing summer tan. In no way am I a size 0, but I am average for an almost eighteen year old. Don't even get me started about having perfect skin. I have probably been on every medication under the sun, from simple lotions to monthly doctors appointments testing new products. And even though I’m only 15 minutes from the beach, I have yet to experience a tan what so ever.

Living in southern Orange County, I always felt like it was a competition between the girls in my school to have the better, more expensive clothing. At some points, I felt that if I wasn't dripping in designer clothing that I wouldn't be considered “fashionable.” Once enrolling into my first fashion class, I finally discovered that fashion is anything you make it to be. It amazed me how well I was grasping the assignments and those girls I was once jealous of were taking a liking to my work! It was within the next year that I truly felt like I was doing something for myself. Something that made me utterly happy. At this point, I didn't care if someone didn't like my outfit or if I didn't exactly fit into the “fashion industry mold.”

As I am entering college now in Dallas, Texas (yes very different from Orange County and I couldn't be any happier) I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising and hope to one day be a buyer. With this degree I hope to make somewhat of an impact to at least one individual. For instance, if you think your outfit may be over the top, WEAR IT! Embrace the fact you have the courage to express yourself and turn heads doing it.

I’m positive this journey i am now embarking on will be a bumpy one. I won’t be everyone’s first, second, or even third choice. And as cliche as this sounds, every door closed is another door opened. Trust me I’ve heard it all. I’ve had people say, “You know the fashion industry is very competitive,” “You know you have to stand out and be different than everyone else.” I am completely aware that people will knock you down and criticize you for just about anything.
Staying true to myself will shine through anything. There will always be obstacles and hardships that may be discouraging, but having my own self pride and individuality will be the reason why I am different.