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Brittany kelley

My life is glamorous. No really, I mean it. I mean it in the way that most days my Dolce & Gabbana light blue is my 3-month-old’s spit up, my mascara can be recognized as flaked gifts from the Sand Man himself, and instead of channeling Donna Reed’s meat and potatoes on the table every night at promptly 5 o’clock, I can be found clambering about the kitchen fiddling with smoothie bowls and kale chips because that’s all I can spare time for. Darn you Donna Reed. When I say my life is glamorous, I mean it in the I just drank an entire French press by myself and wouldn’t trade it for anything kind of way.

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Laura rush
Co founder of be Bona Fide

Over the weekend I got my wisdom teeth removed and last night I forgot to take my middle of the night meds. So this morning I woke up with a throbbing mouth and I took my pills on an empty stomach (bad idea) and fell back asleep. Until Haven walked in with an overfilled diaper and poop running down her legs. I ran over to get her all cleaned up and then the nausea hit. hard. 🤢 I was breaking out in cold sweats, my face looked like a ghost and the smell was horrific...