Let's shed light on the parts of ourselves society says to cover up. Take a stand. Share yours and hashtag #BBNoMakeupMonday.


Alexandra Butz

Makeup: Something to enhance or change the ‘make-up’ of our face.

Consider how much power we give that 1 fl. oz bottle of Bare Minerals Foundation. We give that tiny bottle that is SMALLER than us the power to make or break our day with how the application of the cream goes. Consider how much money we spend on makeup. Now, I am not disregarding that makeup is fun for women to use. In my last article for Be Bona Fide, I told you about how my love for lip gloss and lipstick started at a young age; an age where it was purely for fun and not for the impressing of others. But I was scrolling through my Twitter the other day and a picture of the quote that had a couple hundred retweets and over 1,000 favorites that stated, “why does my makeup always look good when I’m staying home but doesn’t when I’m going out?” It dawned on me: Females of all ages are told NOT to be confident.


Laura rush
Co founder of be bona fide

Sometimes I just want to walk out of the house ready and dressed for the day, without any makeup on, and not feel so self conscious to moment I enter public.

Because a lot of us put some form of makeup on each day, we are so used to seeing a refreshed version of ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but it is so easy to get caught up in it. We as women begin to think that we have to wear it to be beautiful or presentable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to promote “laziness” or the fact that it is okay to go out looking like a hobo all the time. But it is okay to feel beautiful in your own natural skin. You don’t need makeup to be beautiful. You need grace, love for others, and self-confidence to be beautiful.



Madi Conrad

When I first heard about “No Makeup Monday” a few weeks ago, I had a moment of mini panic.  I love the idea of others feeling comfortable in their skin and flashing their real beauty because everyyyyone is beautiful naturally.  But me??  Just no.  I don’t EVER go out without makeup on.  I probably haven’t since before I started wearing makeup when I was 12.  My panic was subsided when I decided I’d just slide under the radar and avoid posting my own.

Once I started asking people to participate, I realized I couldn’t sit this one out.  How could I ask others to go a full day makeup-less if I couldn’t walk out the door without it?  My friend Jessica was so pumped to brave her bare face on instagram.  She is so confident in her skin, and I look up to her so much for this.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.54.05 PM.png

Jessica Kruebbe

I'm proud to be a part of the #BBnomakeupmonday movement. Being genuinely comfortable in your own skin and embracing the beautiful features that God has chosen for you is so much more important than the ability to paint on layers of makeup. I dare you to be bare.