Shelby Sanders' Bona Fide Confession

shelby sanders.png

"Lets get real"
BONA-FIDE means genuine; real.

I love the company be bona fide and there goal to help everyone to be real, genuine, and to remember to be yourself! I definitely need to be better on this which I why I'm focusing on my CONFESSION which is that "I compare myself to others". We live in a world that makes us feel like we need to be perfect. Everybody makes mistake

Nobody is perfect and it is so easy to compare ourselves to one another especially on social media. On social media people love to post there highlights of there lives. Who can blame them? We all love sharing some of our favorite times and moments! But it sometimes makes us think that they never have problems, or that they have a perfect life. Some things I'm guilty of saying......

" wow she has the perfect life"

" she's always doing fun things"

" wow I wish I had that car"

" she gets new clothes all the time"

These are things that I think/ say a lot. Stumbling across Be- Bona- Fide has helped me come to the fact that it's okay to be flawed and the best thing is to show your real self! So join me and don't be afraid to show who you really are!