The event was incredible and I wish I could attend something similar to it monthly. Seeing women gather to support one another and share in each other’s trials and triumphs were awe-inspiring.
Be Bona Fide is all about breaking down our barriers and connecting with one another on a level playing field.
Making ourselves vulnerable helps us connect in a more real and raw way. Resulting in such amazing outcomes and personal connections made with women who can help each other in more ways than one.
— Speaker, Jacqui Saldana (Baby Boy Bakery)

I have been struggling lately with who I am. Am I the person I “post”? Am I happy? What/who do I want to be? This is my second time attending @bebonafide and I loved that I got a totally different experience but the same message was received.
”Be present, do your best, love yourself and be genuine” social media can trick us into comparison, competition, unhealthy goals and negative thoughts, but it also can be this really awesome space to learn, make new friends and connect with great people like the sweet girls from @bebonafide I am still figuring out the healthy balance of the gram and my personal life and learned we all are doing the same!
...I was salivating to hear more! I truly loved every single speaker, the small group discussion and the woman empowering spirit that consumed the whole location. My heart is full and my mind has been recharged!
— Attendee, Alia Preston

I really feel like your event was the best “social media” retreat I have ever attended. I’ve sponsored and attended many and being completely honest, most of the others I have attended have missed the mark, in my opinion.
...Your event brought women together in real ways to listen to and talk about real things, that matter and affect all of us. You gave us opportunities to “feel” and connect on a deeper level.
...I left that night on a “high” and not the superficial kind. That night, truly changed my perspective in many ways and I am grateful. I am a forever fan.
— Sponsor, Mrs. Calls Candy

Keep doing what you gals are doing. Seriously. I would love to contribute, participate, really anything to encourage you to keep doing this kind of magic. Thank you so much - I’ll definitely be reliving my highlight reel of the evening, the feelings, and the inspiration for days, months, years to come.
— Attendee, Jennifer Gates

Two days ago, I sat down with a bunch of strangers and talked about our fears, dreams, social media, and self-love. It was beautiful and scary, and so powerful.
For the past two days, I’ve been trying to #bebonafide and do daily affirmations. I literally laughed at myself when I did it on day 1, b/c I was so embarrassed. Day 2 was easier and felt more powerful. Just trying to live truth over here!
— Attendee, Kelsi Payne

Do you ever look at someone/something & think “wow, must be nice” “what a life she lives” “I wish I could live the life she does”.
I’m not expecting you to feel that way about me.
But, I do know more times than not we think those things when viewing other people’s life.
When having those thoughts have you ever asked yourself, I wonder what it took for her to get to this point in life? I’d like to admit for me it took a lot of being uncomfortable, failing, darkness in my head, sleepless nights & feeling alone! But one thing that I always did was show up. Which is half the battle.

I showed up to the Be Bona Fide event, ALONE! I didn’t know one person. But I committed to going, growing & gathering with other women of all walks of life!
It was uncomfortable.. I walked in by myself, I sat alone for a small period of time & I talked about things I normally only talk about with my small circle!
But what if I didn’t show up? What if I didn’t challenge myself or told myself “it’s gonna be okay”
I’ve learned that I would rather show up with the possibility of being uncomfortable then sit at home & wonder what something would have been like! I HOPE YOU SHOW UP TODAY!
— Attendee, Brittney Carter