PROVO, UT  |  SEPTEMBER 17, 2016


September 17, 2016

The movie above is from the talented Breea, her work will blow your mind- you can find her info here at - tellthebirds.com

Mallory Fraughton captured some epic pics head to her site to check out the rest, Password is:  chooseyourmood  -  malloryfraughton.com

Mallory Fraughton captured some epic pics head to her site to check out the rest, Password is:  chooseyourmood  - malloryfraughton.com

Two weeks ago we put on our very  first Be Bona Fide Event in Utah.  It was a night we will never forget.  120 amazing women gathered in their favorite yoga pants to feel allllll of the feels-- we found our zen, laughed, cried, ate, chatted, and danced the night away.  Whether you came alone, or came with your besties, we grew together and every woman present left with new girlfriends cheering them on.  September 17th was a different kind of conference, it wasn’t just about listening.  It was about experiencing what it means to Be Bona Fide for yourself.  Through group discussions, Bona Fide confessions, and more, it was an outlet where you didn’t have to be anything but yourself.  


No expectations.  


No standards.


Just You.


We welcomed you where you were at, whether that was with a baby on your hip, or fresh out of your high school homecoming dance.  Whether you have just gone through the hardest season of life to date, or are the happiest you’ve ever been.  It was a night of reflection and learning, but the common theme through every one of our 6 speakers was that of acceptance and hope.  


The night began with Lindsay Riding leading us in a guided meditation and self restorative yoga flow.  We were reminded to put our phones away and the importance of being present through our day to day lives. It is so easy to get caught up the busy-ness of this world and forget that the real beauty comes in everyday moments. Thanks to sweet Lindsay for reminding us to take time to find peace within ourselves.


Next, Sadie Sabin of Simply Sadie Jane got down on her knees to get raw with us about self love and self worth.  A battle every woman has fought in one way or another. Not only did she share her journey to discovering self love, she gave us step by step guidelines on how to find it within ourselves.  In our customized BB notebooks, I noticed every woman in the audience jotting down as quickly as possible Sadie’s motivating words.  

As we transitioned from yoga mats to round tables, the Forge Pizzeria food truck  kept everyone happy and our belly’s full.  We mingled outside and new friendships were molded through the commonality of being real. We stuffed our faces with pizza, hot chocolate, and amazing Sweet Tooth Fairy treats!  When returning to the tables, each guest was welcomed with a BB tote full of goodies. You can find complete list of our swag bag sponsors at the end of this post.  We so appreciate their love and hope you did too!


Ginger Parrish played a huge role in the success of this night and we couldn’t have done it without her! She announced our fabulous speakers and shared snippets of her life with three littles while being a social media influencer. Her light shines so bright and I know her words brought a smile to everyone present.

The women behind the movement, Beauty Redefined, brought statistics and facts to life about body image in our society. These twin sisters really brought such insight to how to view your body as beautiful and amazing. They taught to notice that the "ideal" is not reality. 


Jill Thomas and Bre Lasley shared stories of their world being turned upside down and the means it took to come back from such tragedies.  Jill spoke of a life after loss, and finding happiness again in a world where suffering is apart of everyday. No matter what that loss may be, Jill reminded us to take it and make it into something greater, something real.  She had a way of speaking directly to each and every woman individually, and I know so many lives were renewed as her words poured over the audience.

Bre of Fight Like Girls had tears streaming down every woman’s face as she shared her miraculous story of the physical fight against the attacker who tried to take her and her sister’s life. A very unique story with compelling details, yet Bre was able to make it relatable and personable. We feel so lucky to have met Bre and so encouraged by her message to never stop fighting, whatever your fight may be. Be sure to check out her website and support the brand.


These stories left us feeling overwhelmed with hope. In round table discussions lead by inspiring women in our community, each woman  had the opportunity to share her our own journey and how social media has played a role in it.  We heard so many different takes on what it means to Be Bona Fide in a culture striving for perfection and were so encouraged by what being Bona Fide means to you!

In true BB fashion, we couldn’t end the night without dessert and a  DANCE PARTY!  The Penguin Brother’s stole the show with their ice cream sandwiches and we couldn’t get enough of it.  The video above captures the highlights of what was one of the best nights of our lives!

Thank you to all of you amazing supporters who came out to explore a night of authenticity. It wouldn’t have been nearly as great without each and every one of you. You mean the world to us and we couldn’t do this without you!

T H E   D E T A I L S




Ginger Parrish  (@gparrish)

Ginger is an inspiring mother, friend, entrepreneur, and influencer who documents her radiant family on her blog, and brings us along for the ride. She makes sure to share her "lemonade", which are not just the sweets but the sours as well. Ginger has been one of Be Bona Fide's supporters from the very beginning and we are so excited to have her on board to talk a little bit about being bona fide as well as introduce our speakers to everyone. 

"Life is tough stuff. For every single one of us! No matter what is portrayed through social media, life is tough. But at the very same time, it's so so beautiful! Not only will it run us over when we least expect it and hit us like a ton of bricks if we aren't keeping the important things in perspective, it also provides our souls with the most beautiful memories that will keep with us forever. If there is one thing that I learned from my mother and relearn every day since becoming a mother myself, it's the importance of CHOOSING THE HAPPY in life. Choose to find the good in people around you. Choose to find the best in yourself. In your friends. In your children or your friends children. In your family. In every single aspect of your life. It's easy to get distracted with the negative influences wanting us to feel bad about our story, but don't let it consume you. The good is ALWAYS there. We need to choose the happy over and over and over again." - Ginger 





SADIE JANE  (@simplysadiejane)

Simply Sadie Jane is a fitness and lifestyle blog that focuses on author Sadie Jane's everyday life as a young modern mom in a busy world. In 2008, Sadie got married, graduated with her Registered Nurse degree and started blogging. She then worked for 5 years in the Labor unit and would blog her experiences as a nurse and wife at 3 AM in the break room.    

After having baby #2, Sadie Jane shared with her readers how she lost 80 pounds while having little children, little money and little time. She specializes in at-home fitness and shares tips, tricks, tutorials and at-home workout plans with her readers all over the world. Sadie also loves sharing DIY home and gym tutorials with her husband by her side. Never taking herself too seriously, she's not scared to relate to her readers and share everyday motherhood moments. She quit nursing two years ago and decided to blog full-time Sadie loves inspiring women to see their true potential and strength and is blown away everyday that she is privileged to stay home doing what she loves.


jill thomas  (@_jillthomas)

When Jill Thomas lost her daughter nearly four years ago to a tragic accident, she changed her life and her work.  After running a successful film photography business for 10 years, being published in mainstream magazines, and photographing around the world, she now shares her experiences to teach others how to live and create intentionally.  The sudden passing of Jill's daughter brought a spiritual awaking and awakened her to the frantic pace and illusory goals she'd been pursuing.  Her search for meaning currently involves a daily practice aimed at spiritual intentional living--a path that helped her out of her suffering and darkness




Lindsay and Lexie Kite are co-directors of Beauty Redefined. They are 30-year-old identical twin sisters with PhDs in the study of media and body image. They have a passion for helping girls and women recognize and reject harmful messages about their bodies, learn to develop body image resilience to move beyond body shame to much more important things. Beauty redefined is a nonprofit Lindsay and Lexie founded in 2009 to help people redefine the meaning and value of beauty in their lives. They do this through online education, social media activism and speaking engagements in both secular and religious setting across the country. Lindsay and Lexie have offered their body image resilience presentation to more than 100,000 people throughout the U.S. since 2009.


Her attacker is dead, but her fight is far from over. After surviving an attempted murder on September 23, 2015, Bre Lasley continues to fight for her future, potential goals, hope and dreams. Since her attack, Bre is now the founder of Fight Like Girls and teamed up with Elizabeth Smart in their fight to help women with whatever they're fighting. Whether it's fighting depression, addiction, loneliness, an abusive relationship, anxiety, an eating disorder, or the aftermath of someone else's stupid decisions. In her unique and personable way she will recount her miraculous story.




Lindsay Riding  (@lindsayriding)

Lindsay is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor who will lead us in a simple and easy yoga flow to begin our event. It will be focused around getting us in the 'be present' mindset we need to set the tone for the night. Which brings us to the best part of this event... our dress code is ACTIVEWEAR!  (insert party emoji)



These inspiring ladies will lead a table of you women through a series of stimulating and enlightening questions. This is will be an excellent opportunity to GET REAL with one another and form new bonds and friendships with the incredible women surrounding you this night. Everyone will randomly be assigned to a table. That way we can all step out of our comfort zones and get to know the influential people around you.  

From left to right - Kaley Munday (@kaleymunday), Ameryssa Leon (@missutahus2016), Angela Fales (@gurlgonesocial), Elisse Harris (@eliseharrisss), Paige Wolfgramm  (@mrswolfgramm), Olivia Gochnour (@oliviabeth), Ashley Mitchell (@bigtoughgirl), Briton Collier (@britoncollier),  Jenica Parcell (@asliceofstyle), Hunter Fowler (@hunterkfowler), Melissa Hendershot (@melissahendershot)



                                                 Forge Pizzaria                                                                    Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches                                                        The Sweet Tooth Fairy

                                                 Forge Pizzaria                                                                  Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches                                                      The Sweet Tooth Fairy


We are so grateful for our Swag bag contributors! 

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Mallory Fraughton - malloryfraughton.com

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The man who gets the after party started - DJ Skratchmo